Rashad Wareh - List of representative engagements


Created customized estate plans for U.S. and non-U.S. clients, including Wills, revocable trusts, irrevocable gift (dynasty) trusts, with careful attention to family governance provisions

Assisted a multi-branch non-U.S. family to re-structure their global investments, created a non-U.S. private trust company and tailored trusts to address unique family concerns

Provided pre-immigration advice to non-U.S. clients considering a move to the United States

Incorporated Sharia principles into common law trust structures

Advised on the use of common law trusts for clients residing or with assets in civil law jurisdictions

Assisted a family to create a detailed family philosophy statement, and incorporated both the statement and detailed distribution principles into family trusts

Assisted a U.S. family establish a single-family office, create and operate a complex, multi-tranche investment holding vehicle, conduct a search for outside investment advisors, and implement a sophisticated family governance system

Act as outside general, cross-border counsel to a South American family, implementing a family and business succession plan, implementing and overseeing family trusts and civil law foundations, assisting with acquisition and sale of non-U.S. businesses, and creating solutions to rapidly shifting political and legal challenges in their home jurisdiction

Created a domestic, regulated private family trust company and acted as its outside general counsel

Created unregulated domestic private fiduciary companies, including private trust or protector companies

Advised non-U.S. clients on their acquisition of significant U.S. real estate

Advised U.S. clients on U.S. tax and reporting obligations raised by their ownership of non-U.S. financial accounts or assets, or receipt of distributions, gifts or inheritances from non-U.S. persons

Advised clients on their acquisition and use of life insurance, including private placement life insurance products

Advised non-U.S. clients on their U.S. tax and reporting obligations raised by their U.S. investments or family connections

Advised clients on U.S. voluntary disclosure and related programs

Advised clients on compliance with the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA)

Negotiated and implemented the division of a single family office

Negotiated a settlement agreement between a client and his former business colleagues

Worked with U.S. state legislative drafting commissions to modernize trust law and related state statutes

Direct Line:  212.980.9809
Direct Fax:   212.202.5085
E-Mail Address:  rwareh@kozlaw.com