Our Practice

What We Do

Domestic and international private client and private business advice for family offices, private businesses and entrepreneurs, including tax planning, significant transactions, trusts and estates, tax disputes and philanthropy.

We focus on those areas of the law that are of recurring importance to private clients, which enables us to provide advice on issues that cross traditional legal boundaries without engaging a huge team of lawyers for every important project.  The firm makes no effort to maintain proficiency in certain areas of the law, such as criminal defense or divorce representation, nor in matters that usually affect only public companies.  Instead, we engage other firms on behalf of our clients when those issues arise.

How We Work

The firm acts as “general counsel” to wealthy families around the world.  When specialized or local law expertise is needed in an area of law outside our focus, we can engage appropriate lawyers for the client without conflict or benefit to our firm.  We also are sometimes called upon to work with a client’s existing lawyers when there is a particular need that we can fill. 
Our core objective is to provide integrated cross-disciplinary legal advice tailored to our clients’ goals.  We designed our firm to meet the needs of our select spectrum of clients, rather than to follow a traditional law firm business model.

We approach new assignments with an open mind, applying solutions that fit well based on our experience.  Certain client goals have challenged us to develop new ways of thinking about legal structures and law firm practice.  These solutions allow clients to meet their goals by following avenues overlooked by more traditional advisors.

We make a conscious effort to control our practice, so that we direct our resources and talents to client relationships for which we are best suited.  Before taking on a new client, we determine whether we have sufficient capacity to maintain our close relationships with existing clients.